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My husband’s liver transplant surgery was performed by Dr. Abhishek Yadav and team in December 2018.The surgery was a success and he is doing well now.Everything from post OP care to the frequent follow up visits was well coordinated.The care and support shown to us by Dr. Abhishek and team are commendable.We really appreciate it. My husband is still under follow up with Dr Abhishek Yadav.

Reena Thomas
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July 3 on my calendar is ever memorable and bright.happy to inform you that today is the first anniversary of surgery. god gave me rebirth through your hands.I and my family be always thankful to you and your team.I am very happy and relishing life, for your love and heed.we have no words to show happiness towards you,once again thankful for your all physical and mental care and treatment.
Thank you

Saleena Kuttiamo
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On 20th July 2019 an Emergency surgery carried out by Abhisek Doctor to save my daughter from a serious intestine perforation and other complications, she is recovered from serious related complications. During ICU treatment Dr. Nebu also taken the best care and treatment with other team Doctors. NOw she continue with her studies and back to normal life. Thanks a lot Doctor…

Sebi Joseph
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Strongly recommended. A terrific GI surgeon with an equally amazing sense of caring towards his patients. I found everything to be of the highest professional quality.

Ashwani Yadav
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He is such a kind and hardworking Doctor. He gives full attention to their patients.

Mohit Gupta
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One of fine crafted doctor .. Dr Abhishek Yadav and his team.. Special mention to Dr .Karthik ..he is also a veteran in this field His attitude and the way of describing and treating the patients were given bigger round of applause .. Thanks to the entire team.

Saneer V J
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I send my uncle to Dr Abhishek Yadav sir for liver transplantation, now uncle is doing well thanks doctor sahab

Prabhat Agrawal
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Very good

Velayu Choyi
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He is one of the best doctors I know. He has got the Midas touch!

Bini Mathew

A good doctor with a very practical approach.

Kapil Agarwal

He is best doctor i know.

Shilpi Bhargava Bakshi

He is best doctor i know.

Rashmi Yadav

I admire his dedication to his work

Umesh Chittaiah Yadav

Knowledgable and hardworking

Kavesh Patel

Best liver transplant surgeon in the world

Salil Yadav

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